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0039 SIO 444 with some QRN into a Maryland kiwisdr
0040 song heavy metal? Unable to id  right now
0052 SSTV no decode

0202utc SIO 444, S7  using a Maryland kiwisdr
0203 rock song but no ID sounds like Jethro Tull?
0207 Rock song starting with a flute
Thanks for the program!
0212 Farm On The Freeway by Jethro Tull
0222 Digital signal followed by SSTV

0003 UTC SIO 444, S8 into a Maryland Kiwisdr
0003 Some past radio program that I'm not aware of.
0017 OFF?

0018 UTC SIO 444, S8 kiwi sdr in Maryland
0018 Grandma Got ran over by a Reindeer.
0022 OM ID Wank

2253 UTC SIO 444, 57 with some QRN into a KIWI SDR in Maryland
2253 OM talking about radio
2258 Radio show including pirate radio
2300 ID Voice of Laryngitis

0018 UTC SIO 444, s7 using a kiwisdr in Maryland
0018 Some tones were played but uncertain if this is the station or something else.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 4185 USB 00 UTC 17 DEC 2022
« on: December 17, 2022, 0051 UTC »
0048 UTC SIO 444, S8 into the Maryland KIWI SDR.
0048 Snowy White Show and Jingle Bells by Vaughn Monroe and HIs Orchestra
0050 White Christmas by Hugo Winterhalter
Nice old-time Christmas music.
0053 OM sounded like an ID but I couldn't make it out. Then into song Blue Christmas by Doye O'Dell
0056 The Christmas Song by Tony Martin

0044UTC SIO 433, S6. Signal mostly in the static, Rcvd on a KIWI SDR in Maryland tonight.
Currently station is too down in the noise to ID the music I hear.

0041 UTC SIO 333, S3. Audio peaks heard over the background noise from time to time. I can tell it's music but too weak to ID. KIWI SDR tonight out of Maryland.

2319 UTC SIO 555, S9 into my SDR direct
2319 Rebroadcast by FDR the day after the Dec 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor

2316 UTC SIO 555, S9+ excellent signal into my SDR direct
2316 A New Frequency by Ferry Tayle
2323 I Need You by Dan Stone
2333 Timelapse by Darren Porter
Thanks for the program!

2306 UTC SIO 444, S6 with QRN into my SDR Direct
2306 Some kind of Batman show/musical

2137 UTC SIO 555, S9+ into my SDR direct
2137 Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan
2245 I can See For Miles by The Who
2247  Itchycoo Park by Small Faces
2253 Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles

2333UTC SIO 555, S9+. Excellent signal into my SDR direct
2333 Bad Boy by Whitesnake
2335 Is This Love by Whitesnake
2340 Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
2345 Straight for the Heart by Whitesnake
Thanks for the tunes!
2355 DJ saying band is going long, followed by SSTV
2357 Thunder Chicken promo then Off

0205 UTC SIO 434, S5 with heavy static and fading into my SDR direct
0207 Rock music but to deep in the noise to ID right now.
0212 SSTV 
Looks to be PEE WEE Radio?
0214 More Doobie Brothers music, no ID
0224 SSTV 
0225 OFF?

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