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Spy Numbers / The Pip 5448 kHs voice
« on: September 26, 2019, 0539 UTC »
Hi! Super noobie amateur radio listener here. Just made an account to log this (found you guys via The Modern Rogue on YouTube.)

I was casually just listening to The Pip on the Twente shortwave radio for spooky fun (I’ve only gotten into shortwave in the last month) and caught a voice come in. It was on the “day” frequency of 5448 kHs.

I didn’t check the time until it just finished, so 1:09 AM EST.

I don’t understand Russian (I think it was Russian) and didn’t know how to record it so I can’t really give much besides that I heard it and when.

Dunno if this is useful info but I hope to participate here if I can!

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