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Author Topic: Active Shortwave Pirates (North America) in July 2022  (Read 439 times)

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Active Shortwave Pirates (North America) in July 2022
« on: August 04, 2022, 2324 UTC »
This is a list I have compiled based on loggings here on the HFU. It shows all the identified North American shortwave pirates heard in the month of July 2022. Note that many stations use multiple names so determining the amount of actual transmitters in use is impossible. Some stations are also active so infrequently that they may not have been logged in July but may broadcast in the future.
Stations are listed alphabetically and show the station name followed by the number of loggings in July 2022.

Ballsmacker Radio-Every Friday night at 0100 UTC on 6960 kHz AM
Big Stinger Radio 1
Brownie Radio 1
Captain Morgan Shortwave 3
Clever Name Radio 3
Cold Country Canada 1
Corn Desert Outpost 9
Fork It 1
Good Times Radio 2
ION Radio 1
Mix Radio International 3
Nonsense Radio 1
Nuttin' On Shortwave 1
One Dog Radio 1
Outhouse Radio/Damn Skippy 4
Piss Ant Radio 1
Radio Free Whatever 3
Radio Pushka-24/7 on 6920 kHz AM
Robin Hood Radio 1
Solid Rock Radio 2
Stoned Gnome Radio 1
Sycko Radio 6
The Crooked Man Radio 1
Truth Radio International 4
Two Dog Radio 1
Wasteland Radio 1
Wolverine Radio 3
WTF Radio Worldwide 4
X-FM 2
YHWH-Active nightly on 7475 kHz AM
Zeeky (many different station names used) 5

Thanks to CT Yankee for the comments and two additional stations. I didn’t include Bob Dylan Radio because it is not it’s own stations but a relay by TRI.
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eQSL appreciated! lucasnerite@gmail.com
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Re: Active Shortwave Pirates (North America) in July 2022
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2022, 1326 UTC »
Very well done 👏, SWL.  Let me pass along a couple of others that were posted here in July.

Bob Dylan Radio  July 8
The Crooked Man Radio   July 3
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