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Author Topic: WEAK, 6924usb  (Read 1606 times)

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WEAK, 6924usb
« on: April 22, 2009, 0345 UTC »
WEAK Radio, 6924.7u, SINPO 34433, 4/22/09
Mostly strong signal into Chicago with some fade and splatter from 6915.

0313z - Matchbox 20 - Push
0320z - WEAK Radio ID
0325z - Country Joe & The Fish
0340z - Badfinger - Baby Blue

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Re: WEAK, 6924usb
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 2251 UTC »
Long show from WEAK Radio, approx. 0318-0514 UTC, 6925 USB, rock/pop music, several IDs, various audio bits.  SINPO - 33312, good peaks occasionally with some fades to inaudible.  (N. Central TX)

0318z: "Hey Little Girl" Syndicate of Sound
0320z: WEAK ID, YL voice
mp3 for one song and ID: http://www.mediafire.com/?eytwwmgzrvg

0323z: WEAK ID
0327z: Country Joe & The Fish "Vietnam"
0330z: WEAK ID
0333z: Monologue by some irate sounding fellow, too much fading to copy much.  (Per WEAK op: "Ol' Dirty Bastard- Interview for Mr. Ed, The Movie")
0336z: WEAK ID
0340z: Badfinger "Baby Blue"
0343z: ID w/ gmail address for reception reports
0350z: Donny Iris "Leah", Edwin Starr "War"
0353z: WEAK ID w/ DJ Knob Twister saying she's going crazy.
0354z: Isley Brothers "Live it Up"
0359z: "I'm a good monkey" audio bits
0400z: Hollies "Long Cool Woman"
0403z: WEAK ID, YL voice w/ echo fx
0403z: Led Zep "In the Evening"
0410z: WEAK ID w/ echo fx over outro of Led Zep song
0414z: ID w/ DJ Knob Twister going crazy.
0414z: Yes
0421z: Manhattans "Kiss and Say Goodbye"
0428z: Joe Jackson "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"
0444z: Fuel "Shimmer"
0450z: Len "Steal My Sunshine" (one of my guilty pleasure songs!)
0452z: Morrissey "How Soon is Now"
0455z: Going crazy ID again.
0459z: WEAK ID "As weak as a weak signal can be and still be a signal."
0510z: Pretenders "Tattooed Love Boys" (That's is my #1 favorite album from that entire post-punk/power pop era!)  Per WEAK op, two versions were played, studio and concert for Kampuchea version but I heard only studio version due to fades.
0514z: Off or faded out after barely audible ID's

SINPO - 33312.  Some fades to barely audible, then good peaks around S3-S4.

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