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Author Topic: DCR furring up the airwaves 6925 USB  (Read 999 times)

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DCR furring up the airwaves 6925 USB
« on: May 02, 2009, 0612 UTC »
5/2/09, all on 6925 USB, Dead Cat Radio, overall SINPO=34312 for all three sets, good peaks occasionally but slow, waving fades to inaudible at regular intervals.

0345z: Set of very furry songs by Tommy James and Herman's Hermits.
0355z: DCR ID
0409z: Go-Go's, extremely furry live version of "Johnny Are You Queer"
0414z: Signature DCR closing ID with meow, squealing tires and car crash
0415z: SSTV. No copy for me tonight, MMSSTV hacked up a hairball, gotta reinstall.
0419z: DCR ID w/ e-mail address and "I've got balls of steel" audio clip.

Thanks, DCR, this was an exceptionally furry show. Now I need to wipe the hairballs off my radio.
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0426-0458z: Bilbo Baggins song, Tim Curry from Rocky Horror soundtrack, Meatloaf, Stephen Bishop, Go-Go's
0458z: DCR ID in CW

No positive ID but I'm betting this was DCR - identical music set heard with confirmed DCR ID last week.

6925 USB
0525-0545z: Matthew Sweet "Sick of Myself", George Harrison "Awaiting On You All", Sukiyaki, The Singing Nun (Jeanine Deckers) "Dominique" (I love that song.  I must be insane.)
0545z: SSTV, no copy here, my copy of MMSSTV is on the fritz. Get it? I said "on the fritz". Like Fritz the Cat? DCR? Oh, I crack myself up sometimes.

Too much cough syrup... must cut back...
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