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Author Topic: WTAM (Cleveland) 1100 am Yanks/Guards 2338 utc 15 Oct 2022  (Read 416 times)

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WTAM (Cleveland) 1100 am Yanks/Guards 2338 utc 15 Oct 2022
« on: October 15, 2022, 2339 UTC »
Excellent reception.  About 600 air miles from me.  Since I rather not listen to the Yankee Radio crew, the Guards' outstanding Tom Hamilton becomes the play by play choice.  Hamilton is one of ten up for the Baseball Hall of Fame Ford Frick Award in December, the Yankee crew is not.

2338 Tom Hamilton "We are underway from the corner of Car-NAY-ghee and Ontario (been there  ;D)....."
2339 "It's going to be chilly here on Lake Erie tonight, Guards wearing their red jerseys......Judge is now up, 0 for 8 with 7 strike outs in the series.  Swing and a miss, got him with a slider."
2343 "McKenzie with his first start in a week gives up a 2 out walk, now Stanton"
2348 "Bottom of the first, no score, the Guardians will face Luis Severino"
2351 "Severino hasn't pitched in 12 days, this is lined over the bag down right - Kwan will have a double."
2354 "Now, Jose Ramierez.  Ramierez has 3 homers versus Severino.  He singles and Guards have runners at the corners."
2357 "A one hopper past the Yankee shortstop and the Guardians take a 1-0 lead."
0003 "Severino has just thrown his 25th pitch in the first inning, Gimenez has has a great season.  Count is now full."
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Re: WTAM (Cleveland) 1100 am Yanks/Guards 2338 utc 15 Oct 2022
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2022, 1332 UTC »
I grew up listening to WTAM. We had a house full of Browns fans. I remember when the city of Cleveland got the brilliant idea to thaw the oft-frozen football field with a series of hot water pipes buried under the turf. It turned it into a mess of mud. I still think that's why Jim Brown retired early. Jim was a power runner and it didn't suit his style. Leroy Kelly was a nimble high stepper, he could use the muck to make his tacklers slip and miss.


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