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Author Topic: Calling Marco Radio 6925 USB  (Read 1375 times)

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Calling Marco Radio 6925 USB
« on: May 03, 2009, 0757 UTC »
5/3/09 - My first clear catch of Calling Marco Radio.  Rumor has it this is a parody show dedicated to a certain European DXer who fakes signal reports in an attempt to mooch QSLs.  Might have been relayed by WEAK Radio, heard ID's for both Calling Marco Radio and WEAK, both with familiar voice of DJ Knob Twister of WEAK Radio.
6925 USB, approx. 0227-0350 UTC, overall SINPO=33132, fair signal through heavy t-storm crashes.

0227z: seems to be very slightly below 6925 USB, Marco repeated along with music clips ("...can you see me?"). Voice sure sounds familiar... kinda like DJ Knob Twister?
0234z: "...liar, liar, pants on fire..." classic kiddie taunting song to heavy metal music.
0242z: ID and e-mail address, partially obscured by t-storm crashes.
0250z: Clear WEAK Radio ID heard this time, along with Calling Marco e-mail, so it *is* DJ Knob Twister doing the Marco-taunts. Bad DJ, bad. Just the way we like it.
0257z: Still audible here but fading.
0258z: Alice in Chains "Man In The Box"
0302z: ID and e-mail for Calling Marco Radio, signal peaked again during ID.
0311z: ID for Calling Marco Radio. "Special" QSL, hmm? Lemme guess... an extra long Pinocchio nose?
0325z: "Marco can you hear me?" parody of "Tommy can you hear me?"
0327z: Warren Zevon! "Send Lawyers, Guns & Money"
0329z: Male computer voice, something about Marco, tough copy, not as clear as the DJ's voice, hers cuts through the static well.
0333z: Matthew Sweet "Sick of Myself"
0340z: Off? ID with female voice and echo fx, male voice with e-mail.

SINPO=33132, fair peaks, just making it through heavy t-storm crashes and local RFI from sputtering lights. Having some trouble tuning this to pitch, not sure if signal drift or something in the audio?

0341z: Back with more "Marco". Repeat of same show? Stronger signal peaks now, still some fades to barely audible.
0350z: Off after brief reprise, much better signal after 0330z here.


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