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Author Topic: UNID CW numbers & T's; 12642 khz, 0121z, 6/04  (Read 1237 times)

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UNID CW numbers & T's; 12642 khz, 0121z, 6/04
« on: June 04, 2013, 1501 UTC »
I was tuning the '398 around the maritime HF bands and chanced on some weak CW on 12642 khz., someone sending what seemed to be nothing but T's, a couple 'DE's, a K or two, and a lot of number groups.  

Because of weak propagation and the sender's CW speed (I can read up to maybe 10 wpm on a good day) I was only able to make out some of the numbers.  What I was able to copy was:

"DE (unreadable characters) 3...4  4...4  44...  7...4  T  T  4.056  3..37 T" etc.  Obviously, I missed a lot of numerals but there were a lot of 4's and 3's.  It's possible the T's were cut numbers, but the rest of the characters I heard were full morse numbers.

I'm not sure if it was four or five number groups, it sounded like five.

It was off at 0128 UTC, and then sent a "K" with some numbers, and then stopped again.

The next time I checked this frequency a few hours later at 0844 UTC there was a series of second-long CW dashes, sent one every second.  The dashes started a bit lower in frequency, quickly went up in frequency and then stayed there for the remainder of the dash.

My old Ferrell's book lists this frequency as duplex SSB maritime channel #1327, but that may have long changed -- and this wasn't SSB I heard.
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