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Author Topic: UNID 1690 kHz Mar 17, 2013 2249Z  (Read 1553 times)

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UNID 1690 kHz Mar 17, 2013 2249Z
« on: March 17, 2013, 2252 UTC »
Station is back on.

2252Z 55555 S9+25 The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"
2253Z 55555 S9+25 ID "The Real Oldies Channel"
2253Z 55555 S9+25 Harpers Bizarre "59th St Bridge" (playlist on iHeartRadio for 680 is consistent with the playlist here)
2257Z 55555 S9+25 The Drifters "There Goes My Baby"
2258Z 55555 S9+25 "I Saw Linda Yesterday"
2300Z 55555 S9+25 ID "Real Oldies"
2300Z 55555 S9+25 Elvis Presley "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"
2303Z 55555 S9+25 ID "You are listening t the Real Oldies Channel playing nothing but oldies from the first generation of rock."
2303Z 55555 S9+25 Billy Joe Royal "Down In The Boondocks"
2306Z 55555 S9+25 The 5th Dimension "Wedding Bell Blues"  (I should say the playlist on iHeartRadio is mostly consistent... its missing songs that have played).
230816Z Brief drop in carrier (< 1/2 sec)
2308Z 55555 S9+25 Fats Domino "Let The Four Winds Blow"
2311Z 55555 S9+25 The Temptations "The Way You Do The Things You Do"
231350Z Dropped carrier after about 10 seconds into the next song.

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