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Author Topic: Fort Hood, Texas Range Control 30.450 MHz FM 30.45 FM - 9 November 2022  (Read 753 times)

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11m and 10m are both extremely busy.  Checking VHF low band now...noted Fort Hood Range Control on 30.450 MHz FM 30.450 FM.  Good signals.

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Thanks for posting the Fort Hood range frequency!! Great to know it is still active.

I had received it way in the past but forgot to add it to my current scan list. I have a Icom R-7100 that is solely programmed with my attached list. Receive antenna is a Cobham COM201B VHF (30-88 MHz) Antenna, often fielded by the USMC.

Updated 11/21/2022
30.100 Army National Guard at ALB.  UH-60's, Albany, New York
30.300 Los Alamitos ARNG ground units Calif
30.350 Camp Pendleton Range Control Calif
30.450 Fort Hood Range Control
32.050 Yuma range control, Texas, RAPTOR Net
32.150 66RQS HH-60, Nellis
32.350 34WPS HH-60, Nellis
32.450 66WPS A-10, Nellis
32.650 66WPS A-10, Nellis
32.675 Unknown
32.700 BYS Range Control, Nellis &  Fort Irwin North Range Control Calif
32.750 Medic Net, Texas
32.850 66WPS A-10, Nellis
34.050 66RQS HH-60, Nellis
34.100 R-2501 FAC-JTAC-TACP, Nellis and Sacramento Mather airfield C/1-168th base ops Calif
34.200 Range Control, Camp Bullis TX
34.850 Los Alamitos helo base ops Calif
36.525 NTC Desert South (Old?)
36.700 NTC Command Post (Old?)
36.775 Los Alamitos 1-140th tac Calif
36.800 NTC ROZ 1 (Old?) and Army Helos, Texas
36.900 Martindale Army Heliport Ops, San Antonio, Texas
38.200 Camp San Luis Obispo range control Calif
38.475 NTC Dustoff (Old?)
38.500 Bearmat, Ft Irwin Rng Sfty bckup, 29 Palms rng cntrl, Ft Chaffee Rng Cntrl, R-2501 Grnd 2ndry
38.600 NTC Coyote Metro (Old?)
38.675 Unknown
38.900 Ft Irwin Bicycle Lake Medevac/Rnge Cntrl, Cmp Roberts range control, BYS Desert Radio, Nellis
40.150 422TES A-10, Nellis
40.350 Camp Pendleton, LongRifle Ground Safety Net, Calif
40.500 Mil Common | SAR
40.600 Helos, Texas
40.800 Red Flag CRWO, Nellis
40.825 Yuma range control, Arizona
41.000 NTC Desert South
41.050 Fort Hunter Liggett range control Calif
41.450 422TES A-10, Nellis
41.500 Army Aviation and NTC ROZ 1
41.650 NTC Desert North
41.700 NXP Ground, Nellis
41.950 Bearmat, Ft Irwin Rng Sfty, 29 Palms rnge cntrl, 422TES A-10, Nellis/R-2501 Grnd Pri, Nellis
46.700 B/2916th AVN UH-60A, Nellis
46.775 549CTS Green Flag West, Nellis
46.800 29 Palms range safety Calif
46.850 549CTS Green Flag West, Nellis
47.000 NTC Crash/Rescue (Old?)
48.450 BYS Fire Control, Nellis
49.000 Stockton airport B/1-126th base ops Calif
60.300 BYS Metro, Nellis
61.200 NTC Desert Radio
62.300 BYS Metro, Nellis
62.850 Army Aviation
65.050 National Guard Helos Calif
66.100 R-2502 AIC 'Desert Radio', Nellis
66.300 NTC Desert Radio
71.300 NTC Helipad
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Awesome logs - and reference frequencies.  It's pretty cool how much use they make of the 54-88 MHz frequencies, especially the 60 MHz and 70 MHz region, which I imagine is pretty darn clear now.

Also, that antenna is kickass.  30-88 MHz.  Love it.  Reminds me of a discone design. 

There seems to be a lot more usage of 30-88 MHz (or even just 30-50 MHz) than you'd think.  I often read the RadioReference.com forums (there's a nice long VHF low band logs thread, one per year, keeps things nice and searchable) and there is a lot of VHF low band military activity, especially in the lower portions (below 35 MHz or 40 MHz or so..although the 40-42 MHz band is the biggest chunk of military/government frequency allocation within the 30-50 MHz low band).  Lots of 30 MHz, 31 MHz, 32 MHz, 34 MHz and random frequencies that are within the land mobile bands. 
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