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Author Topic: Re: WDOG 4060 USB 2206 UTC 28 NOV 2022  (Read 128 times)

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Re: WDOG 4060 USB 2206 UTC 28 NOV 2022
« on: November 29, 2022, 0205 UTC »
Nah, it's part of "Working Class Hero". Marianne Faithful sang it loud and proud on her cover on her late 1979 album, "Broken English". She sounded like all she'd been doing since she recorded "As Tears Goes By" in 1964 and "Broken English" 15 years later was gargling
bleach. I loved her as "God" on "AbFab" a decade later. Lulu was their only client and they were always trying to book Twiggy and Jeanie "The Shrimp" Shrimpton. Eddie would O.D. every few weeks and up would pop Marianne.

That was a month, 12/79 was a damned good one for albums,"London Calling", by The Clash, "Three Imaginary Boys", by The Cure, "Searching For The Young Soul Rebels",Dexy's Midnight Runners The Psychedelic Furs, with their eponymous named album; and all that second wave 2-Tone ska, etc... Except for the Clash, they were intro albums. The song designated for airplay on "London Calling" was the worst tune the Clash had cut in their then, three year career. Their cover of Gene Vincent And The Blue Flames, "Brand New Cadillac" had hit written all over it but the record company wouldn't back it. "New Wave" was the safe way to push punk.

I'd been a fan of Patti Smith when she and Tom Verlaine were dropping F-bombs on their cover of "Hey, Joe", while outting poor little rich girl revolutionary, Patty Hearst before she was busted and put on trial. Gary Trudeau was doing the same thing with "Doonesbury" cells, with the last letters in the final bubble of his strip on a certain day of the week spelling out the last known location of Patty H. and pals. You don't go around blowing places up and spraying down banks w/ submachine gun fire to get your jollies.

F-Bombs were about half of Patti Smith's first two albums, "Horses" and "Radio Ethiopia". She was a poet, using obscene language made it easier to rhyme the verse.

Bowie and Iggy wrote a bunch of stuff for Mott The Hoople and front man Ian Hunter wasn't shy about using the word.
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