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Author Topic: 11m+12m Bands Activity 5 DEC 2022  (Read 487 times)

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11m+12m Bands Activity 5 DEC 2022
« on: December 05, 2022, 1154 UTC »
1153z - 27285am - overmodulated religious-sounding music about 1.5KHz high transmitting over other ops talking, among other assorted qrm
1157z - 27385lsb - usual regional morning traffic
1158z - 27520usb - Op in French Guiana working English and French language DX contacts
1206z - 27135am - North American DX
1210z - 27350usb - Caribbean DX?

Looking like DX might be decent today, but I have been dealing with a local splattering 11m this morning.

1217z - 27665usb - Sounds like Spanish language DX
1219z - 27928usb - French language DX
1226z - 27555usb - Usual DX hotspot activity. Think I caught an op in Venezuela among the mix.
1228z - 27545lsb - English language QSO about audio quality. Could be more like one op is off frequency.
1232z - 27025am - Usual Ch6 DX traffic
1234z - 27385lsb - Usual Ch38 DX traffic

Maybe the splatter is gone for awhile. Back to an -140dB waterfall.

1241z - 27770usb - Sounds like maybe faint SSTV modulation in the noise floor.

1242z - Multiple SSB frequencies active on the 12m band. North America, Italy, etc.
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