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Author Topic: 12M AM? Sure!!! Why not?  (Read 474 times)

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12M AM? Sure!!! Why not?
« on: December 17, 2022, 1841 UTC »
Got home late last night to hear Timtron, WA1HLR, QSO with big-gun Don, K4KYV, on not having time to do AM on the higher bands in the daytime. Then, he mentioned that whenever he finally does, he wants to get some 12M, a.k.a. 24.9MHz, AM activity going. Well, sure... Why not??? That´s a very under utilized WARC Band, yet shares F2 and Sporadic ¨E¨ propagation like 11M, 10M, and 6M. And, you have this benefit of a tax funded PORP beacon, WWV on 25.000000MHz. If you heard that, then you know that 12M is open. Anyway, the FREQ that Timtron is trying is 24.975MHz for AM. So, when F2 dies-out in the evening, then Winter Sporadic ¨E¨ may open that band up to ´short-skip´. Passing thoughts, there. https://rsgb.org/main/operating/band-plans/hf/24mhz/
Oh yeah... Don´t forget, that you can check out 12M propagation by tuning in WWV on 25.0000MHz. Today, 12/19/2022, 17:15UTC, that was banging-in at S10/9 on my W.O.G.! (COOL!!!)
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