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Author Topic: XLR8 - 6925 USB 04:23 03/29/13  (Read 955 times)

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XLR8 - 6925 USB 04:23 03/29/13
« on: March 29, 2013, 0428 UTC »
04:23 music
04:25 ID - Could not make it out
04:26 song music group fast newer rock  Signal a solid S8
04:30 ID (tentative) KLR8 (?) then into techno rock (ID voiced over song)
04:32 into new song
04:34 song with ID (ID's are kinda whispered)
04:39 Another ID sounded like "Big KLR8"  Just not sure..
04:29 to 04: more punk songs - have a European feel  
04:51 Another ID
04:56 XLR8  -- Very clear ID (pronounced Accelerate)    Welcome Back guys! It's been a while! (At least 2 months)
05:32 off

Thanks for the show!!  PSE QSL if possible, to Email address below.
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Re: UNID 6925 USB 04:23 03/29/13
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 0430 UTC »
0428Z, RCCI, you beat me to it. I am hearing The Damned - Life Goes On. Receiving at a good S6-7. I just heard an ID maybe but couldn't make it out.
0432Z, into another song. I don't know it and got nothing on Sound Hound. Female singer, punkish sound.
0434Z, into another song, per Sound Hound it is The Lounge Lizards - Yak. I heard a male whispering what RCCI previously advised as "KLR8" over the song.
0436Z, another song, LiLiPUT's - Feel Like Snakes Twisting. Signal has bumped up to S8.
0438Z, now playing Mika Miko - Business Cats.
0440Z, another ID, heavily distorted whisper. I am not positive KLR8 is what they are saying.
0441Z, another punk rock song but I don't know who it is.
0443Z, another ID. I still can't be certain but sounds like KLR8. Into another punk song.
0447Z, I know this one! The Sonics - Cinderella
0449Z, now playing Swamp Rats - Hey Freak. The audio is a bit "tinny" but strong.
0451Z male OM with a pretty darn clear "KLR8".
0452Z The Twilighters - Nothing Can Bring Me Down.
0454Z another ID "KLR8", then into another song.
0456Z, new song, female singer, I don't know it. Sounds 60ish?
0458Z, into another song. Male singer. "Rockabilly-ish" for lack of a better word.
0500Z, another ID. Into more music. Sounding 60's like. I don't know it.
0504Z, another ID. RCCI is correct "XLR8". This is my first time hearing and logging this station. Very cool. Thanks XLR8!
0508Z, into more music. Now playing Pandas - Walk. I like your style XLR8.
0511Z, another ID (good ears RCCI) and into another song that is unknown to me.
0513Z, playing The Stranglers - (Get A) Grip (On Yourself). Thank you Sound Hound
0515Z, now playing Lene Lovich - New Toy. I am loving this music. Thank you!
0519Z, two different male OM's saying XLR8 and then into D.A.F. - Ein Bisschen Kreig (A Little Bit of Water).
0522Z into The English Beat's - Dream Home In New Zealand.
0525Z, male whispering XLR8 and then into Teddybears - Cobrastyle
0528Z , playing Robyn - Cobrastyle.
0530Z, signal is fading. XLR8, it's been a real pleasure listening to your broadcast. I loved it. Thank you.
0532Z, male saying XLR8 slowly. And then nothing?
0534Z, I do believe they signed off. I have to say that I really loved the show. Thank you XLR8!
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Re: UNID 6925 USB 04:23 03/29/13
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2013, 0445 UTC »
I have been listening / recording the same here
Started out S5 - S6 - now S7 - rare S8
4:41 ut & 4:44 ut more clearly pronounced but still whispered ID's
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Re: XLR8 - 6925 USB 04:23 03/29/13
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2013, 1447 UTC »
A really good signal on the SDR recording, S9+10 dB.  Thanks for the show!
Chris Smolinski
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Re: XLR8 - 6925 USB 04:23 03/29/13
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2013, 2015 UTC »
Recorder Catch on 6925USB

Also heard here with an excellent S9 signal, great show.

Thanks XLR8!
Joe Farley, Near Chicago
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