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Author Topic: 36.600 MHz FM “YSD” Morse Beacon Canadian Forces Base Suffield  (Read 537 times)

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VHF low band has been going nuts the past weeks. 

This afternoon I was tuning around and on 36.6000 FM - 36.600 MHz FM I heard a Morse ID “YSD” followed by a long tone burst.  Sounded like a VOR or aircraft navigation beacon like a NDB.  36.600MHz YSD Radio Beacon - 36.6 YSD Beacon CYSD CFB Suffield Heliport, Alberta Canada at Canadian Forces Base Suffield.  This is a first for me. 

1872 miles (3013 km) from receiver location in Richmond Virginia, USA. 

Transmitter coordinates GPS lat/long

N50°16.00' / W111°11.00'


I wanted to post this here in case other folks come across this recorded CW and tone on 36.600 MHz FM while tuning around the bands.  It as a Morse recording on a FM signal, not AM like most VHF aircraft beacons…also the frequency choice is within the military 30-88 MHz band, which makes sense for that application (and makes sense for it to be in FM mode). 

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