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Author Topic: 10m/11m/12m Band Activity + SSTV Pics 15 JAN 2023  (Read 204 times)

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10m/11m/12m Band Activity + SSTV Pics 15 JAN 2023
« on: January 15, 2023, 1422 UTC »
The 11m band is hopping with DX at 1417z. Lots of European traffic. Pileups on multiple frequencies. Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical here.

10m band is quite active, too.

Even some FM comms further up the 10m band.

1430z - 29600fm - Canadian op working NA DX
1433z - 26680fm - Weak signal activity
1433z - 26670fm - Weak signal activity

Might as well add the 12m band. European DX traffic noted at ~1440z, including Lithuania and Sweden.

Back into the 11m band for a skim.

1445z - 26555l - Spanish-language DX pileup
1445z - 26715l - Spanish-language activity
1446z - 26440u - Spanish-language activity
1446z - 26335u - (Eastern?)  European ops having QSO
1448z - 26415u - Sounds like European traffic
1454z - 26540u - Spanish-language activity
1456z - 26540l - Strong signal Spanish-language traffic + QRM
1456z - 27535l - Casual English language QSO
1458z - 26475l - Strong signal Spanish-language traffic
1458z - 26715a - Strong signal Spanish-language traffic

1500z - 27700u - SSTV activity
1506z - 27700u - European DX voice comms (sigh)
1538z - 27700u - SSTV activity
1538z - 27700u - European + South American DX voice comms (sigh)
1607z - 27700u - Canadian + European DX voice comms (sigh)
1622z - 27700u - SSB op claiming SSTV is QRM (really?!)
1753z - intermittent wideband RFI/EMI

SSTV decodes. Many of the European transmissions have been under S1 down to near -140dB with QSSTV running in DX sensitivity mode, so YMMV regarding image quality.

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Re: 10m/11m/12m Band Activity + SSTV Pics 15 JAN 2023
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2023, 1913 UTC »
Saw these in a short timespan around 1720z. Noted on frequency was the incessant QRM'ing by strong Spread Spectrum bursts as well as SSB'ers deciding .700 was a good clear freq to fire up a QSO.

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