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Author Topic: Re: UNID 6945 USB 2339 UTC 14 JAN 2023  (Read 219 times)

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Re: UNID 6945 USB 2339 UTC 14 JAN 2023
« on: January 15, 2023, 0144 UTC »
"Born To Be Wild" Steppenwolf way down in the noise. Audio bandwidth is a little narrow.

Steve Miller with his 1973 hit "Take The Money And Run" segue into Talking Heads homage to David Berkowitz, "Psycho Killer". The Cars,"Just What I Needed" Ric Ocasek was almost fool enough to come off the stage and duke it out out with my cousin on their first national tour after Ronnie kept calling him, "Plastic Man", due to the way Ric was dressed. Ronnie was a mean ex-soldier just released from Ft. Leavenworth. Ronnie would've hurt him bad.

Derrick And The Dominos featuring the great Duane Allman on slide guitar with "Layla". I dunno who the other guitar player was, some English guy.

The signals really gone south,WWWW, and I'm not talking about Duane Allman. The static is wiping you out. I think I'll try a SDR out west.

Wait a second, I know that drum pattern down in the noise, that's "Susie Q" but by who?
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