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Author Topic: 10M FM activity 2338 UTC 11 Feb 2023  (Read 516 times)

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10M FM activity 2338 UTC 11 Feb 2023
« on: February 12, 2023, 0000 UTC »
10 FM activity on 2338 UTC 11 Feb 2023:

10m open with very good propagation as of time of writing... 10m FM repeaters on several channels received quite well into N. Texas.

JH1SCD, Isa, operator from Yokohama Japan heard direct using FM mode simplex 29.600 mhz into Texas, as well as through the 29.620 mhz KQ2H FM repeater, located in Manhattan NY. Isa was in QSO with KG5RW on the repeater. The K5 was full quieting while Isa had qsb from full quieting to short drop-outs of audio during qso.
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