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Author Topic: 11m Band Activity 15 Feb 2023  (Read 539 times)

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11m Band Activity 15 Feb 2023
« on: February 15, 2023, 1218 UTC »
Airspy HF+D and 31' vertical here.

~1200z - Minor G1-class solar storm at the moment.
~1200z - 11m band conditions starting to pickup. Caribbean and South American DX noted on the "upper" freeband frequencies.
~1230z - Faint SSTV signals on 27700u.
~1230z - European DX activity picking up.

1245z - 27700u - Continuous data signal, so no SSTV decodes here for now. Verified against via a WebSDR in another state. Maybe later.
1253z - 27720u - Op in Venezuela working DX. Decent signal with strong modulation.
1258z - 27781.25fm - UK CB activity. QSOs, QRM, etc.

1807z - 27700u - SSTV activity, plus whatever compels ops to have voice QSOs on 27700u.

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