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Author Topic: UNID African STL-link 33.405 MHz  (Read 589 times)

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UNID African STL-link 33.405 MHz
« on: February 19, 2023, 1654 UTC »
Please monitor frequency 33.405 MHz. On 17.2.2023 at 1540z (audible 15 min) I heard FM-modulated STL-link from somewhere in Africa and it might be from Comoros Islands. Here is an audio-clip: https://harriku.com/audio2023/UNID_33.405_MHz_2023-02-17.mp3

Shazam recognized the first title of this clip to be 'Papa L'amour' - "Ndjema Zaouwana Tsizo". And Youtube told it is famous classic title in Comoros and that the language is shikomor (=shimasiwa). So perhaps this is STL-link from Comoros.

In the clip there is a short announcement at the end and the last word sounds to be "ulezi". There is Radio Ulezi in Comoros.
But of course this could be from anywhere. Sounds clearly African anyway.

Distance from South Finland to Comoros is 8200 km. At the same time with this I heard many Fire-/EMS-stations from US East Coast between 33-34 MHz (about 6400 km distance) and those were around this mysterious station.

Anybody has contacts to Comoros?
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