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Author Topic: Radio Titanic Int'l rebroadcast via NAPRS 6935 AM 2317 UTC 15 APRIL 2023  (Read 733 times)

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2317 Carrier up on 6935. S9, no audio yet.
2325 Music and OM talking a bit, audio is rough. Spurs (or whatever they are called) around 6922 and 6947, seem to be from this station.
2332 Music, audio a little better better, ID Radio Titanic possibly. German Free Radio? Hard to copy spoken word.
2336 Billy Idol. Audio ok now.
2338 Radio Titanic Int.
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2322 Very weak ?
2325 Now getting Music/ talk
2329 Om  talking
2348 Rock?
0000  is this a repeat show?
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Harry L. Smith
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2324 No audio carrier only
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2325 - Audio now, but distorted
2329 - OM w/"Radio Titanic" ID
2330 - Cutting In/Out
2335 - "Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol
2338 - OM w/ "Radio Titanic International" ID
2343 - "Gimme All Your Lovin" - ZZ Top
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2327 UTC
S7 signal
someone talking
ALL RECEPTION IS DIRECT  QSL's are greatly appreciated!

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I have it with a fair signal and broken audio.  Just something about North America.  Something about 1975.  Audio is in and out Maybe a rebroadcast of an old AM station.

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2327 UTC OM with DJ chat and ID "Radio Titanic International". Alternating with short bits of a disco song.
2330 UTC Unid song-OM singer (Technical issues with transmission breaks)
2333 UTC OM with "At the bottom of the ocean", into unid pop song...1975 from us to the world...RTI
(Transmission breaks have stopped and excellent audio with S9+ peaks)
2334 UTC Parody ad for "basket weaving" course, followed by "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol
2337 UTC OM with news item "The RMS Titanic has been mortally damaged by an iceberg", followed by OM with ID
2342 UTC Distorted OM voice with ID, followed by "Gimme All Your Lovin"-ZZ Top
2344 UTC OM with "Give us all your lovin, and give us all your reception reports"
2347 UTC "Baby Won't You Let Me Rock N Roll You"-Ten Years After
2349 UTC OM with ID "Radio Titanic on the rocks", followed by unid rock tune
2352 UTC OM with ID..."on 6955"
2353 UTC OM with "God Bless You and Good Night...Radio Titanic is closing down in a few minutes"
2355 UTC "From Europe to the world, we are Radio Titanic International", followed by music, then OM "Back on the air from one of our relay stations in the USA"
0000 UTC "Good afternoon USA...good afternoon Canada....good afternoon South America", followed by "Hello (Turn Your Radio On)"-Bates
0004 UTC Parody ad for Wysocki College..."You'll never know you've been there"
0005 UTC "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol
0026 UTC OFF

Thanks for another old one NAPRS!
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2328 UTC SIO 433, S6 carrier but audio only on signal peaks - into my SDR direct
2329 I can detect music audio but rapid fade out. Perhaps it will improve in a bit?
Paul Patterson
Stoneville, NC
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23.28 UTC Station ID as TITANIC on the rocks, The Bates - Hello, turn your radio on
repeat of morning broadcast
23.35 UTC Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

fairly good now on K3FEF KiwiSDR
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2334- Hearing what sounds like spoof ad and music.
2335- "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol.
All reception from this location, radio and antenna.
QTH New Hampshire (70 miles north of Boston).
Tecsun S-8800 and Kenwood R-2000, with about 135 feet of wire thrown up in the trees.
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Re: UNID 6935 AM 2317 UTC 15 APRIL 2023
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2023, 2340 UTC »
Music mixed with noise here at 2340 UTC.
Location: NE Ohio

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Just a trace on the waterfall here
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23:40 UTC - Weak barely readable due to the high level of static on the band tonight.

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signal S9+5-10 on the SDR in Milford,PA
23.51 talking, ID (a man) + song in the background
A German living in Bali / Indonesia
I use WebSDR’s
please QSL to: fschuettig_dx1@yahoo.com

Online myteaquinn

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2354: Very weak in the noise, mostly unreadable. Just a few bits of music and talk getting through.
Northeast Ohio
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