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Author Topic: BBC Radio 4 "Voyage" via Cloudsplitter 6935 USB 2314 UTC 23 APR 2023  (Read 540 times)

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2314 UTC Music, then spoken word..."Voyage" Episode 5 (This is the final episode of the series entitled "1985-1986 Project Ares"), followed by the program
(Signal is solid above the noise varying from S7-S8)
Rather than post details, I'm going to kick back and enjoy the show!
2341 UTC Program ID and casting, then YL with Cloudsplitter Radio ID and OFF

Thanks for relaying this CSR! Managed to catch all 5 episodes!  :)
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SIO: 444 S8
2315 - Music into into: "Voyage" episode #5
2342 - End of episode followed by CSR ID.

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2323 - Barely above the noise hear talking. Signal into NYC is S3.

Thanks for the show!
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I have it with a fair signal.  There was a big solar storm this morning.  I thought nothing was going to be hear, but glad I was wrong.  Thanks for the show.
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2325 utc SIO 333 direct
A space program?
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2325 UTC - Voyage Episode #5

S6-S7 Here In Ma. On RSPDx Direct
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2328- Hearing radio dramatization of this space-related story, "Voyage," like yesterday evening, but signal isn't as strong here tonight. Thanks for the show Cloudsplitter!
All reception from this location, radio and antenna.
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2320 S9 + 10 pretty good level .... nice listening ...
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Reception into NE Ohio:

S5  SIO 333  SINPO 35333

2331 UTC Space voyage radio drama
2341 OTA

Thanks for the broadcast!!!!
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signal S8+- on the SDR in Fair Hill, Maryland
23.32 radio drama
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on 6935 USB  direct
2342 ...this is Radio ... (no copy), OFF
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