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Author Topic: YHWH 7475 AM 0325 UTC 5 JUL 2023  (Read 195 times)

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YHWH 7475 AM 0325 UTC 5 JUL 2023
« on: July 05, 2023, 0345 UTC »
10 over signal on a San Diego Kiwi  w/ an off-center dipole. I've never heard his reedy, thin, voice this clearly or this well. Josiah is bughouse crazy, finding connections in the book of Daniel w/ Japanese kamikazes and connects it with the "New World Order", whatever the Hell that is? There's a good reason he lives alone in the middle of nowhere.

Someone send him a better mic and an EQ. He sounds like he's talking into a tin can. Ernest Angely, he's not.

Whoops! I misquoted him. It's "The One World Government of Satan", not the "New World Order". Sorry Josie.
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