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Author Topic: Shortwave listening& decoding with FUNcube Dongle  (Read 7155 times)


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Shortwave listening& decoding with FUNcube Dongle
« on: July 05, 2013, 2141 UTC »
Wow, it will do Hellschreiber, which, everyone knows, is the Manliest of Modes!!!

[UDXF] Small, cheap and smart: Shortwave listening& decoding with FUNcube Dongle. A multimedia PDF.‏

Nils Schiffhaue​r
To: UDXF@yahoogroups.com

Hi - recently I met the FUNcubeDongle Pro+ V2.0, short FCD2. I was really
enthusiastic about this great little radio in an USB stick. But will this
under-200-$-piece (door-to-door in the EU) really perform on shortwave? I
tried out just that: with broadcast, amateur radio and utility.
I just used software for controlling FCD2 as well as for decoding digimodes
being available for free in the internet. So no additional costs to listen
to the world.
I wrote my results down in a multimedia PDF, where you can read, listen and
even view some examples on how to tune, optimize and decode reception.
Special focus has been laid onto digimodes, may these be e.g. DRM
(broadcast), FreeDV (ham radio) and STANAG4285 (utility). The results were
not only convincing but in some cases really overwhelming. You will also
find some live examples of ALE, FAX, RTTY, GW-FSK,SITOR-B, Pactor-II and
Pactor-III, Packet Radio, DSC/GMDSS, CW, HFDL (ARINC-635), ICAO-Selcall,
SSTV (digital and analog), ROS, Hellschreiber, PSK31, MFSK16, Olivia, WSPR,
AM (envelope demodulator as well as synchronous detection with selectable
sidebands) and SSB.     
You can download this PDF (30 MB) in English language from Christoph
Ratzer's (OE2CRM) website:
On the right, under "A-DX Download" click "Funcube2 - DK8OK,
Multimedia-PDF". To access the multimedia content of this PDF, you must save
it onto your harddisk (right mouse click: "Save under ...) and open it with
a recent PDF reader of Adobe. Otherwise, you get a PDF, where you cannot
click onto the multimedia content (but read the text, view the screenshots).
As the paper has been finished just before June 30th, where Globe Wireless
cut most of their HF network, the given example of A9M Manam/Bahrain is no
longer valid. Try e.g. 13.107 kHz for KPH San Francisco or 18.224 kHz for
WNU Slidell. I got excellent results from also these stations after July 1st
in Germany with the same combo of hard and soft.
Have fun, comments & critics welcomed!
73, Nils, DK8OK

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Re: Shortwave listening& decoding with FUNcube Dongle
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2013, 2318 UTC »
Careful Al, you're wavering on the brink. Step back from the edge and silently repeat "knobs,knobs.." until these odd feelings go away.

Don't let a dongle get the best of you.


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