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Author Topic: Back yard AM logs: Radio Casablanca & MAC w/ Ultraman  (Read 1359 times)

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Back yard AM logs: Radio Casablanca & MAC w/ Ultraman
« on: June 17, 2009, 2307 UTC »
6/17/09 - Nice night, sat outdoors with Sony 2010 and a beer.  Caught two AM pirates, Radio Casablanca (a new one to me) and MAC Shortwave with Ultraman.  Times approx. since I wasn't taking notes.

6940 AM, 0214z-0334z.  Very entertaining program of period music related to classic movie Casablanca.  SINPO - 32333, good audio, fairly steady signal with some fades, occasional interference from local RFI (bad streetlight in my neighborhood). 
"Blue Skies" (confirmed by Radio Casablanca via e-mail); "I'm In Heaven" (artist unknown); Frank Sinatra "Fly Me To The Moon"; positive Radio Casablanca ID's. Ended with La Marseillaise and Bogey's line from "Casablanca", "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
(Gopher Stomp, TX - Sony 2010 portable in AM sync w/ RF Systems EMF antenna up a tree)
Thanks to Radio Casablanca for the very quick e-QSL response to my e-mailed signal report.

6924.8 AM, 0433z-0530z (approx.), MAC Shortwave with Ultraman, SINPO-32323, some fades to nearly inaudible but with good audio and signal intelligibility.
0433z: The Knack "Good Girls Don't" followed by mention of FRN, possible shout-out to listeners.
0455z: Ultraman w/ MAC ID, into Beatles
0505z: Ultraman w/ ID, Beatles song list: "Sgt. Pepper", "Little Help From My Friends", "Good Morning"
MAC w/ Ultraman audible until sign-off (time not noted, approx. 0530z), song from Deep Purple, closed w/ National Anthem.
(Gopher Stomp, TX - outdoors w/ Sony 2010, RF Systems EMF antenna and beer)
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(Off-air recordings.)

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Re: Back yard AM logs: Radio Casablanca & MAC w/ Ultraman
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2009, 0154 UTC »
nice radio the Sony 2010 has became legendary, heard nothing but good stuff about that radio.

glad you have the RF system EMF antenna, ive been thinking of getting one myself and putting it on about 20 feet of mast but wanted to know if it was worth the money, the long wire I have 85 feet goes right under a high power line eeeck I know but its the only place I had room for a 85 foot run of wire, the 9:1 balun really helps with some of the noise though

so was looking to place the rf systems away from the line on a mast to get away from the noise, is it worth the $250??????


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