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Author Topic: Commradio CR-1  (Read 7063 times)

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Re: Commradio CR-1
« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2013, 0000 UTC »
...and a review on the SWLing Post...with a link to an article in the August MT. 


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Re: Commradio CR-1
« Reply #16 on: August 01, 2013, 2227 UTC »
If they add-on a software-control option, or an external numeric keypad I'm in. Having come from the Icom R1500 fine-tuning all the time gets tedious while chasing weak signals. Looks nice from ergonomic standpoint, size, et al but something to direct-key enter a frequency - Software or Hardware, would be pretty nice. Radio Reference forums have a running thread on the software updates cleaning up the bugs on it.

I like the size and sound, but for the money, I'd lean toward the R75 for features before I'd lay out that sort of cash.

It may be "software defined" but not software defined in a user-manageable sense. If that comes around, I'd be intrigued by this one.

Ditto, no computer control option is a deal breaker for me.  It's potentially attractive because it distills the Palstar R30-series form factor into a much smaller package (assuming the feet can be detached without interfering with shielding).  Maybe version 2.
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