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Author Topic: UnId 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023  (Read 254 times)

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UnId 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023
« on: December 25, 2023, 0521 UTC »
Jazz version of "Oh Holy Night", 'Darling, Come on' - Brian Grey.

S4 - 5 with fading.

Nice to hear some jazz.
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Re: UnId 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2023, 0524 UTC »
We were out for Christmas Eve, but home now and fair to fair+ reception into Masset, BC at 05:22 UTC playing Jazz  (Darling, Come on by Brian Gray)
How you doing out there at 05:25.  Sounds like Two Dog Radio DJ.
A couple of SSTV images, the last being at 02:49 UTC but what exactly is it?  A building, or is that an appliance?  Thanks to Myteaquinn for a good image of the SSTV....Funny, but I didn't see Merry Christmas at all on my SSTV image.  Just the building (?Outhouse) itself!  Slow Jazz music continues.
05:57:  Shout out to this city boy! Then into another SSTV image:   same building, but once again without the Merry Christmas being visible!
06:03:  Outhouse Radio ID.  I'm out of here, and Merry Christmas.  We wish you a merry Christmas (with animal noises).  Transmitter off at 06:04:30  Thanks for the Christmas Eve program!   
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Re: Outhouse Radio 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2023, 0529 UTC »
0527: Reach For My Desire by Brian Grey.
0534: Collect Call by Brian Grey.


Thanks for the shout out. Done wrapping the presents time to water and feed the reindeer and head to bed. 

0544: Get Out of My Soul by Brian Grey.

I lied, I'm out of here now.
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Re: UnId 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2023, 0542 UTC »

541- Mellow piano jazz music.

Merry Molvanian Christmas!
All reception from this location, radio and antenna.
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Re: UnId 6925 USB 0516 25 December 2023
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2023, 0602 UTC »
s7-9 With good audio.
Brian Grey - Auld Lang Syne Blues

Merry Christmas and thanks for the show Out House Radio
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