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Author Topic: 26.805 MHz FM + 26.855 MHz FM Simulcast Adolf Hitler Speech Recording 02/24/2024  (Read 158 times)

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Received via the W3HFU SDR and locally (local receive setup consisting of a PNI Escort HP 82 handheld AM / FM CB walkie talkie with a HYS 51” telescoping whip. 

Recording transmitted at least twice.  Included English translation of German, plus crowd noise.  Waterfall waveform shows no delay in the two signals…but the 26.855 MHz FM signal had more FM deviation. 

26805 FM 26,805 kHz 26805 MHz
26855 FM 26,855 kHz 26855 MHz

Recording of the signals as received via SDR:

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

The first SDR clip also shows a strong AM signal on 26.825 MHz, unrelated to the simulcast on 26.805 FM and 26.855 FM. 

And received locally on the handheld CB

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

The PNI HP82 is in DE mode 80 channel CB radio mode, so 26.805 MHz FM is channel 65 and 26.855 MHz FM is channel 70. 

The 26.855MHz signal sounds a bit distorted, likely due to the higher level of FM deviation on that signal. 

The band was open to Europe and the UK as well as the Americas - signals from the U.S. and Latin America were booming in all at once, with lots of FM mode CB radio signals mixing in with domestic AM and SSB, including French and German CB radio traffic on channels 38 and 39, often completely blocking LSB signals on 27.385 MHz and 27.395 MHz. 

FM CB radio activity coming in on the known DX calling channels frequencies 27.305 MHz and 27.315 MHz / CB Channel 30 FM and 31 FM.  American FM CB activity on 27.275 MHz FM (CB Channel 27 FM) and 27.295 MHz FM (CB Channel 29 FM) plus 30 and 31, with lots of severe QRM at points.  Channels 35-40 had AM, FM and SSB going all at once. 

Lots of German language signals on 26MHz band German FM CB channels and the UK FM channels were busy too.  27.78125 MHz FM was very busy, as to be expected.  Lots of Latin American language taxi dispatch chatter, including the 27.785 MHz AM Mexican taxi cab dispatch LMR comms, plus American free band CB signals, lots of SSB but also AM, including 27.845 MHz AM, 27.855 MHz AM, 27.865 MHz AM, 27.905 MHz AM, 27.915 MHz AM, 27.925 MHz - possible militia comms on 27.925MHz AM with QRM from 27.92125 MHz FM and 27.93125 MHz FM
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