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Author Topic: UnID 1660 1670 1692.5 1710 1715 1740 1763 GR/SR 2230 UTC 26 Feb 2024  (Read 113 times)

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Soooo many between Greek and Serbian, from Carinthia (Austria) SDR, 1715 is by far the loudest. Sometimes the 1700-and-higher ones don't seem fully like pirate broadcasters, more like tinkerers with music, like US 75m AMers if they didn't bother with licenses and liked playing music.  Or maybe they're just really bad announcers. These seem mostly Greek tonight.
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Big into SWDX late 70s through early 90s, then forgot about it and when I returned via SDRs it wasn't at all what I remembered, but I'll deal with it. Grumble, grumble. All SDRs acknowledged, nothing is from my own radio.