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Author Topic: Capstone Net 6773 USB 0040 14 MAR 2024  (Read 173 times)

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Capstone Net 6773 USB 0040 14 MAR 2024
« on: March 14, 2024, 0125 UTC »
0040 Capstone 95 calling Tri-Blade - “Tri-Blade, this is Capstone 95, are there any check-ins? Over.”

0041 Red Dragon (unintelligible) checked in

From what I gather, Capstone is the callsign for Civil Air Patrol's Northeast Region and Red Dragon is the callsign for the New Jersey Wing of CAP.

0041 Capstone 95 awaiting traffic

0045 Nothing further was heard.  Interestingly, the net did not formally close, and there was no instruction to "close down" or "secure stations" similar prowords.

0105 starting to get QRM from peskies
0125 I'll assume the net closed, and look for something else to listen to.
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