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Author Topic: A couple of suggestions for improving Carrier Sleuth  (Read 957 times)

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A couple of suggestions for improving Carrier Sleuth
« on: April 24, 2024, 1549 UTC »
Hi all,

Carrier Sleuth became my go-to tool for carrier detection and analysis. Great piece of software and my humble bow to Black Cat Systems.

Here's a couple of suggestions for improving the software:

- Direct frequency / channel input on the FFT window - allowing to choose a specific frequency instead of having to scroll down through the list of channels.
- Default Palette saving - allowing to save a user palette as default so it's used in every launched instance of CS.
- Configuration saving on exit - allowing to save the slider position, window positions and palette used so you don't need setup every instance.
- Markers / Comment boxes - allowing to insert notes directly on the FFT image so you're able to export the window capture with embedded notes.
- Timestamp font properties.

These were just some of the main things I ran across while trying to compare captures from multiple days side-by-side with multiple instances of CS.

Thank you for your time,

Carlos CT7AUS


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