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Author Topic: V07 / 883 / on 15.874 MHz  (Read 1519 times)


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V07 / 883 / on 15.874 MHz
« on: October 20, 2013, 0137 UTC »
V07 / 0121-0125 / 353 / USB / 15.874 MHz / SS
The site is presumed to be in Asiatic Russia (via Token).

Just caught a short message...

According to the V07 schedule, this is one of the frequencies for October with the call-up 883

Heard the following numbers with YL in SS beginning 0121 then off about 5 mins later...

883 883 883 000
883 883 883 000

then off

I did not get the whole recording, though.  I missed a few lines of numbers but they sounded like the same...

Thanks Token for the info!
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Re: V07(?) on 15.874 MHz
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 0440 UTC »
No other numbers station sounds anything like HM01, so do not expect to hear that format, along with voice and digital, for any other station currently identified.

What you heard was V07, and the callup was 883 (the same callup is used all month).  The 000 after the 883 indicated there was no message, this was a “null” message.  This was the second transmission of the night, the first being at 0100 UTC on 18074 kHz.  Both transmissions were identical.  If there had been an actual message instead of a null there would have been a third transmission at 0140 UTC on 14374 kHz.

The entire transmission on 15874 kHz last night consisted of “883  883  883  000” sent over and over, starting at 0120:03 UTC and ending at 0122:14 UTC.  The station left the air at 0122:14 UTC and will not be back on the air until 0100 UTC next Sunday morning.

This family of stations transmits 3 times when there is a message, and only twice when there is not.  The family uses XX00, XX20, and XX40 timing for the transmissions, on the hour, 20 minutes after the hour, and 40 minutes after the hour.  With the last transmission time, 40 minutes after the hour, not included when no message body is included.

All three transmission frequencies will end in the same last two digits, in this case 74.  The “callup” (883 in this months case) will tell you the 100 kHz digit for the frequency in each of the three time slots.  883 would indicate frequencies of XX874, XX874, and XX374 kHz, however for some reason this station sometimes substitutes a zero when two numbers of the same value are side-by-side in the callup.  This led to tonights potential frequencies of 18074 (the first number, 8  ), 15874 (the second number, 8  ), and 14374 (the third number, 3  ).  They do this zero substitution every month that the callup is 883.  They also do this zero substitution during January, and December, when the callup is 661.  But they do not do the zero substitution in May (callup 511) or in June (callup 112).  I have an opinion on why and how they decide that, but no proof to back it, so I will keep it to myself ;)

The schedule for this station can be found here (this is my old web host and I no longer have access to change it, so one day they will delete, but for now it is still up):  http://token_radio.home.mchsi.com/V07_latest_sched.JPG  It has used this schedule since before May of 2011, that is when I started tracking it and started putting the schedule together.

Priyom saying the source is Russia is probably correct, but not the part of Russia that was meant when that entry was written (and by the way, in this case Priyom is repeating what ENIGMA originally published about this station).  For many years the only reported V07 transmissions were consistent with a source in European Russia.  However those transmissions used a different schedule and also used a different mode of transmission.  That V07 was almost never heard or reported in the US, the frequencies and times favored Europe.

A couple years ago this V07 showed up, and over a period of time I built the new schedule up.

This V07 is a little different from the older one, the same format, and ENIGMA ID, no doubt, but enough differences to note.  First it is almost never reported as heard in Europe, unlike the old one that was mostly heard in Europe.  The frequencies and times used are conducive to reception in the Pacific area, and this favors the US a bit.  This V07 is also sent in USB mode, the other was mostly reported as USB+ carrier.

The earlier V07 was probably sourced in European Russia.  Antenna bearings and times / frequencies supported this.  This more recent V07 is probably in the Pacific region.  Bearings support possibly being in Asiatic Russia, maybe Kamchatka area.

Back in 2011 it was nice to see this V07 pop up, the “other” V07 had not been reported in number of years.  There was some hope that other schedules would appear, but so far this one schedule is the only one that is known (at least reported) to be active.

Hope that helps.

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Re: V07(?) on 15.874 MHz
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2013, 1111 UTC »
Thanks Token...that was very helpful!  Much appreciated...  I will save your response as a reference.