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Author Topic: AC In-Line Noise Relief - Tripplite To The Rescue  (Read 29773 times)

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AC In-Line Noise Relief - Tripplite To The Rescue
« on: November 05, 2013, 0103 UTC »
For some time I have battled background noise from a variety of sources within the home office, from the DSL router / modem, to the TV which is about 6 feet away from the TV (usually off) and and other "twitchy" RFI generators in my hovel which other family members use. I have used a variety ferrite cores, etc. with little or no success. The noise floor here averages S5 to sometimes S7. Believe me when I say it's been difficult to catch some of the fainter OP's. Seasoned vets have their own method for dealing with this, and your ideas and stories are welcomed.

But I'll get to the point.

When I was at the local Salvation Army tonight (cheap bastard that I am) I ran into a used 8 outlet Triplitte Internet Security UPS, battery backup, NOISE (I emphasize that word) Protection, and Surge Protection. I paid the 8 bucks (cheap bastard that I am) and brought it home.

I pugged all of the radios, DSL modem, computer....and WOW! the noise floor that was on the average of S5-S7 dropped to an S3-S4  ;D

It was no fluke,...the signal indicator hadn't been that low since I got rid of my my platform shoes in the 70's.   Unbelievable...

There are a few of the Tripplites on eBay at varying prices. It's not a "One Size Fits All" Cure-All / Be-All, but it did help here. I wanted to pass this along to those that may be cursed with the AC noise syndrome that made listening a bit difficult at my QTH. Maybe it can help at yours...
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Re: AC In-Line Noise Relief - Tripplite To The Rescue
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2013, 1351 UTC »
Thanks I wish I had picked up the UPS I saw at Goodwill about a month ago, I was wondering if it would do the same thing yours did. Too late now, and I don't see them very often at the thrifts. Appreciate the tip.

I did manage to pick up an old Realistic DX 380, I pick up any used radios I see when I get the chance, if I have a few dollars extra to spare. I am having a lot of fun with it. Out of all my radios, it's the only one that doesn't have the noise issue and also receives LF well. I don't like the lack of SSB or even a BFO but this cheapo radio seems not to be troubled with a lot of EMI/RFI even connected with AC! even on MW! I am using it a lot more than my higher priced ones lately.

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