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Author Topic: AM broadcast on 183 and 189 khz 4:12 - 4:35 utc 12-25-13  (Read 2124 times)

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AM broadcast on 183 and 189 khz 4:12 - 4:35 utc 12-25-13
« on: December 25, 2013, 0446 UTC »
Stumbled into two LW broadcasters tonight..

189 khz AM  Not sure but maybe ISL?
4:12 utc  Female Announcer ID? ? language ? into Jazzy tune
4:16 utc  Female announcer same possible ID? into tune w/ UNID Female singer pop tune in English
4:20 utc Different ID Christmas wishes? Sound like same female announcer into UNID Christmas like tune, male singer, unknown language

182 khz  4:23 - 4:30 Various Female and Male announcers speaking French  Most Likely this is Europe 1 ?

Both have all but faded out by 4:45 utc. Here is a DDC waterfall of both..
(Edit) Up to 6:50 utc 189 khz has bounced back and is by far the most reliable tonight, good music too, 182 khz has been faintly audible several times
but often fades away completly
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