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Author Topic: de 8ZMC 14108 kHz @ 0345z - not a ham.  (Read 1770 times)

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de 8ZMC 14108 kHz @ 0345z - not a ham.
« on: July 12, 2014, 0432 UTC »
Did 8ZMC replace H7DL?

The non-ham callsign 8ZMC was copied in CW on 14108 kHz at 0345z with Russian Morse code characters copied:  Ш (---- ),Ч (---.) Я (.-.-) in a long transmission. This is the same frequency as H7DL station.

Attached is a short audio of 8ZMC. The signal quality is similar to H7DL (see other post regarding H7DL).

The callsign 8ZMC may replace H7DL as it's also on 14108 kHz, but H7DL's frequently daily activity is not now seen on the Nordic Skimmer. H7DL activity will  show on the Nordic Skimmer with all transmissions on 14108 kHz or 28216 kHz (which is 14108 X 2 = 28216) ending on July 10.

Some of the 8ZMC intercept I copied:

19  12 - 7 - 7  392  764

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Re: de 8ZMC 14108 kHz @ 0345z - not a ham.
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2014, 0622 UTC »
I tuned into 14108 a couple days ago, 0106 UTC July 10th, and heard a short bit of CW including the character " .-.- " which I think might be Cyrillic.

It's probably Russian military. They use several other callsigns.

The other callsigns used are listed on the ham band intrusion reports (PDFs) linked on the other thread.
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