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Author Topic: YHWH 9605 Khz at 0305 +  (Read 1624 times)

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YHWH 9605 Khz at 0305 +
« on: August 27, 2014, 1958 UTC »
9605Am Aug.27.14  0305-0402+  Heard YHWH, this  station with a decent signal (about s4 to s5 reading) on this night. The signal was best heard in Lower sideband to avoid a bad noise het. The program consisted of quotes from scriptures, Christian’s morals, One World Order and the Line of David, Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq ..the forces of evil, 10 Commandants of Yahweh, etc. Through out the broadcast the Operator kept thanking for tuning in. at 0358 there was a music selection by female chorus, with chant-like tones.  This broadcast seemed to be a repeat of similar broadcast, which I heard back in July. maybe a re-broadcast?  Re-checked at 0420 and still here…… still a decent signal dispute the noise level.

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