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Author Topic: belated but excellent beaconeering logs, 09/14  (Read 1584 times)

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belated but excellent beaconeering logs, 09/14
« on: September 20, 2014, 0545 UTC »
I've only gotten around to posting these now, but believe me, I'm QSLing them!  I went DXing on Sunday, didn't get a whole lot on many of the shortwave bands, tried 10 meters on a whim and... holy cow!  I was hoping for anything, maybe Canadians, but what I got... well.  :) 

28203, PY2WFG - Ipiranga, Sao Paolo, Brazil beacon, 2118-2128.  VVV de PY2WFG BCN, then grid square information - GG77FF.  Long dash between transmissions, then repeat.  Signal fair at best, contending with fading.  SINPO 32233, RST 339. 

28190, PU2NJO - Embarre Santos, Sao Paolo, Brazil beacon, 2129-2136.  Transmission ran CQ CQ CQ test beacon PW2NJO QRZ, repeated.  Signal heard roughly once every minute, with a long pause in between.  Signal fair to good, SINPO 43344, RST 439. 

That was, to put it the way a friend did when I shared the logs with her, a heck of an opening!  I checked again later, and nothing.  I'm still blown away by these.  The first of the two catches took a long time to pull out of the static, but was it ever worth it!  The second just sort of sprang up on me! :D 
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