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« on: October 15, 2014, 1500 UTC »
Dear all,

Since a few days a new radiostation is on air, calling itself MAGIC Int.

As we have been using this stationname since 1996 and are regularly on air, we get a lot of questions about this, get reception-reports in our mailbox which are not for transmissions we have made, and get letters in our P.O.Box which are not for us either.

We already tried to contact the people behind this MAGIC Int. however e-mails keep bouncing back, and getting through via their site is also not possible, as the code to verify the message which has been written, is not working.

We now have send a message to Doctor Tim to put this in his news, and also FRSH ( Free Radio Service Holland ) will mention this in his upcoming broadcast, in the FRS-goes-DX-program.

As you will understand, we as MAGIC AM are not very happy with the situation at all.

In the past there always was somekind of unwritten code that radiostations would not used other stations names.
Apparantly this has changed, and as we can already see, this is very confusing for the listeners.

As we saw the people behind MAGIC Int. have already launched a website, so it looks like this situation is not to be solved, although we sincerely hope they will be able to get themselves another stationname. We will be even willing in helping them with some professional jingles if they do.

However, as we have been using the name MAGIC for over 18 years now, have invested in jingles / stickers / QSL-cards etc..etc..we will stay with that name.

E-Mails and snailmail for the other MAGIC will not be forwarded.

Kind regards,


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