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Author Topic: PS-125 power supply-to-radio extension cable  (Read 4201 times)


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PS-125 power supply-to-radio extension cable
« on: January 03, 2015, 0813 UTC »
I have an Icom PS-125 power supply, and I would like to lengthen the cable to the radio with an extension cable. That is, I'd like to get a cable that has the male Molex on one end and a female on the other, so that I can put the power supply at least six feet from the radio. Anyone have, or know of such a thing, or about parts for building one?



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Re: PS-125 power supply-to-radio extension cable
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2015, 2349 UTC »
If you can't find a cable pre-made, I'd recommend sourcing the parts from Powerwerx and building it yourself. Should be a 1 beer job.


They could sell you the parts so you could either build an extension cable, or a longer replacement cable that you could wire to the innards to replace the short OEM one. Great website for radio power needs and I've bought plenty of stuff from them with happy results.

They have 6-pin male and female Molex connectors, the correct gauge DC power cable, etc.

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