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Author Topic: 6925u @0753z Radio Jamba International relay  (Read 1404 times)

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6925u @0753z Radio Jamba International relay
« on: December 28, 2009, 0800 UTC »
[Relay from Radio Jamba International]

Was monitoring the freq and started @0753z with ID, 'Radio Jamba International, (repeated a few times)...a FRN station'
Right Place, Wrong Time song (Dr. John)
Yo Ho Ho A Pirates Life song
War song -Edwin Starr
0803 ID again 'Radio Jamba International'
0805-0851z 'Opening the phone lines'...interview with George Zeller, talking about Glenn Hauser and Monitoring Times, Popular Communications...pirate radio exploding, ham radio, etc
0852 song about pirate radio
0852 WBCQ ID
0856-0911z now rebroadcasting a WNKR show previously on WBCQ...
various oldie music and an Op w/ British accent @ 0912z. 
0916 Elton John - Skyline Pigeon
0920 unk oldie song, female
0926 unk oldie, female
0930...(I hit the rack about then, but convinced all the above was Radio Jamba relay due to consistent signal characteristics throughout and definitive ID's at the start of the program)

avg SIO 343-444, strong bold signal overall

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Re: 6925u @0753z Radio Jamba International
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2009, 0836 UTC »
6925 USB
Relay of RJI show aired earlier on WBCQ 5110.  Kracker interviewing George Zeller, whose pirate radio related column was recently dropped by Monitoring Times magazine.
Just began being audible here on my own receiver around 0828 UTC, with big signal jump around 0838z.
Zeller mentioning logs indicate that shortwave pirate radio activity is at an all-time high (I'd agree, lots of activity the past couple of years despite erratic propagation).  Talks about the appeal of pirate radio, including original material and comedy programming.
0852z: Mojo Nixon pirate radio song
0854z: WBCQ ID, from earlier broadcast of this show on 5110.
0857z: Continuing with relay of earlier WBCQ show, now with Cosmik Debris mentioning WNKR and Andy Walker, who recently announced WNKR would cease broadcast after many years in pirate radio.  Hearing Jane's voice in there too.
0909z: WNKR relay just jumped up out of the noise, but some glitches in the stream
0920z: WNKR relay with Ronnie Spector and Ronettes "Baby, I Love You"
0925z: After some audio dropouts, signal completely faded out here suddenly.
0950z: Leave it to Beaver jingle just audible, still mostly fading to inaudible here.
1007z: Uncle Bob bits in the mix!  I'm guessing this isn't WNKR now.
1021z: "Area 51 is on the air..." sounds like Sycko's voice?  Guessing this is a continuing relay of various bits from WBCQ and others.
1026z: Sycko Radio ID from his Area 51 show on WBCQ
1106z: Continuing with relay of Sycko Radio from his WBCQ Area 51 show, presumably from web stream or other source since 5110 isn't on air at the moment.
1130z: Sounds like Subgenius variation of "Hey Bob-a-Ree-Bob" song

SINPO - 34322, some good clear peaks, lots of fades to barely audible.

Thanks for the relay, oh mysterious night owl pirate, whoever  you are.  This actually came through better here than earlier show on WBCQ 5110.
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Re: 6925u @0753z Radio Jamba International
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2009, 0921 UTC »
Big clear S-9+ signal here, heard same as above.
In listening to this show, could it be a WEAK relay, sounds like WEAK's signal here and the time would be about right for WEAK's late night broadcast.
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Re: 6925u @0753z Radio Jamba International
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2009, 0935 UTC »
S-3 signal into the East Caribbean, but music and programming readable. Lots of atmospheric noise, probably due to sun comming up (0915 zulu) on this part of the world.  ;D

(Signal greatly improved to S-6 or better, noise lowered after 0940 zulu).
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Re: 6925u @0753z Radio Jamba International
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2009, 0950 UTC »
0949z  "And Jerry Mathers as The Beaver."

S9+ signal.
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