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Author Topic: Pancho Villa 6950 AM 21:05 UTC FEB 21  (Read 1047 times)

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Pancho Villa 6950 AM 21:05 UTC FEB 21
« on: February 21, 2016, 2107 UTC »
S7 to S9+  Good Signal

21:07 UTC Jack Nicholson announcement

Seems like a re-broadcast of last night
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Re: Pancho Villa 6950 AM 21:05 UTC FEB 21
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2016, 2114 UTC »

2110 skit "...gonna make America great..."
2113 easy peasy...Poncho Villa
2114 OM "...relay transmission of KULP"  OFF
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Re: Pancho Villa 6950 AM 21:05 UTC FEB 21
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2016, 2115 UTC »
Great signal here PV! OFF at 2116 UTC. Thanks for the show...details to follow!

EDIT:2105 UTC OM with "You're tuned to the relay service...KULP... Kulpsville Universally Loves Pirates, followed by Spanish acoustic guitar music and ID's "Esta es La Voz de Pancho Villa" (repeated 2X)
2107 UTC OM..."Hi, I'm Jack Nicholson..I'm here to tell you that the producers of Pancho Villa are very, very surprised to find that...hired for tonights performance Generalissimo Francisco Franco...so they had a special contest and audition to select tongihts Pancho...of all the volunteers, the closest...talking chihuahua (Howls and whoops and stuff)
2108 UTC "Hello...this is Pancho Villa..."interview Pancho", then OM "that's right Pancho...reported that Donald Trump...Sarah Palin is here as well...Trump Motel...(Trump) "I am the art of the deal"...(Sarah)..."who are you and what do you want"..."President Trump is gonna make America great again"...(Trump)..."I am the art of the deal...I am the Trump...Sarah, stop it...I am the man"
2112 UTC "This is Gland Hoser...I am hiding inside the closet...I just want to watch"
2113 UTC (Pancho)..."cantina...tequila...easy peasy woman squeezee Pancho Villa"
2114 UTC(Jay) "This is Jay...didn't flush the toilet...railroad ties", then (Trump)..."my Trump dollars"
2115 UTC The preceding program was a relay transmission of KULP..."Kulpsville Universally Loves Pirates"
2116 UTC OFF

(Thanks again for the show! Those were my notes as well as I could decipher them...Pancho's voice was tough copy though. Sounds like pure mayhem in Kulpsville!  :D)
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Re: Pancho Villa 6950 AM 21:05 UTC FEB 21
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2016, 2117 UTC »
2105z ID, into KULP "Poncho Villa" program [repeat of last night's "Voice of Poncho Villa"]
2107z s/on anns
2109z satire of Trump/Palin & Glenn Hauser [in the closet]
2115z ID as relay of KULP & VoPV
2116z /off

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