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Author Topic: 11 meter DX Logs 28 Febuary 2016 1600 UTC +  (Read 1444 times)

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11 meter DX Logs 28 Febuary 2016 1600 UTC +
« on: February 28, 2016, 1653 UTC »
Going by the severe fading most frequencies seem to be suffering from, I'd say there's some Sporadic-E going on - 26 MHz band and 27 MHz band DX logs:  Superstar 3900 (Mk1), Ranger Voyage VR-9000 (Superstar 3900F), Galaxy 959 w/mods, Cobra 29XLR w/mods, CRE 8900 (Alinco DR-135CB).

25750 AM/FM - Some sort of carrier here, fading in and out.  No audio/modulation heard.  Nearly full quieting in FM mode on peaks.
25775 AM - Spanish language, probably taxis, etc
25805 AM - Spanish language, fading
25970 FM - Another carrier here
26015 AM - Spanish language
26135 AM - Spanish language
26345 AM - Spanish language, heavy fading.  OMs and YLs heard
26375 AM - Spanish language
26495 AM - Roger beeps heard, voice traffic right at noise floor (probably Spanish)
26585 AM - Spanish language, Mexican Call Channel 26.585 MHz AM.  Lots of music/noise toys sound effects etc heard
26625 AM - Spanish language
26665 AM - Music, very powerful signal.  S9+30 very little noise.  No ID heard.
26705 AM - Spanish-speaking OMs, the usual high-power "shootout" traffic heard around here
26785 AM - English-speaking OMs having QSO about radio equipment and band conditions.  Heavy fading down to noise floor
26855 AM - Spanish language, close to noise floor
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