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Author Topic: V13, 7502 kHz, AM, 1319, 3-6-16  (Read 846 times)


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V13, 7502 kHz, AM, 1319, 3-6-16
« on: March 06, 2016, 1320 UTC »
1319: YL w/ 4-digit CC number groups; SIO: 333.
1327: Off.

Sorry all...the mode is AM.  I went to Global Tuners and it appears to be AM.  I checked with Priom.org and it lists it as either AM or USB + carrier.  I was able to hear both sidebands.  The signal if audible here but not strong enough to get a good picture of it on the waterfall display.  I can try narrowing the bandwidth water fall next time and see.
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