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Author Topic: from Israel  (Read 2088 times)

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from Israel
« on: June 12, 2017, 1853 UTC »
Hello all. I'm new here and would like to ask a question. Located in Israel, I have just purchased a new modern Tecsun radio with short waves option.
I would like to know what is possible to receive over here and on what khz. Or - are all the given stations to be the same all over the world for pick-up, or does location manners?
Thanks a lot.

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Re: from Israel
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2017, 2249 UTC »

When I was new to shortwave radio listening, I found this site most helpful as a noob:


That will give you mostly, but not 100%, accurate listings of shortwave broadcasters. It won't include all the various other kinds of radio broadcasters (amateur operators, utility stations, military, and many more), but you will learn about those in time.

You live in a great part of the world for shortwave broadcasts. There are stations all over Europe, Asia, and Africa which ought to be easy to copy, while those from other parts of the world might be more challenging but very possible to receive. But keep in mind that shortwave signals depend on variable conditions in the ionosphere, which is impacted by solar activity, and a station that sounds great one day might be weak, or even inaudible the next.

Your biggest concern will the all the radio noise, known as RFI (radio frequency interference) which is generated by household electronic devices. You will need to go around your home to find the best place to listen (most often by a window). Most of the time you will have better radio reception outdoors. But with strong signals, you'll be okay indoors most of the time.

Welcome to the hobby!
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Re: from Israel
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2017, 0825 UTC »
The weird, wonderful and unexpected can be found across the spectrum.  

Depends in what your interest is?  Shortwave, Tropical Bands, Amateur Radio, Marine, Aviation, Clandestine etc.

The Tecsun will need a good external antenna to deliver you best results too...

MKD2 went straight to the point, good luck and enjoy! ;D

The "General Discussion" section on this web site will also be of benefit to you... ;)
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