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Author Topic: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 19, 2016  (Read 6127 times)

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RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 19, 2016
« on: June 19, 2016, 0031 UTC »
Signing on now with Soviet Anthem, then Dickweed and Stavin chatting about the empty bunker
(Sounding pretty good here...well above the high noise level comrades!)
Only $10,000 for the whole radio station! Chatting about putting on an "Extravaganza"....but just can't do it...looking for relay stations!
0039 UTC "Right Hand On My Heart"-The Whigs
0043 UTC "Trying To Be Cool"-Phoenix
0047 UTC "Hella"-Cayucas
0050 UTC "Feel It All Around"-Washed Out
0053 UTC "Kids"-MGMT
0058 UTC Dickweed and Stavin playing some of their favorites..."hipster" music....thanking the listeners trying to listen to them...tried to heat up the ionosphere...shoutouts to the posters...thanks comrades!
0102 UTC "Sweater Weather"-The Neighbourhood
0106 UTC ID..."Radio Free Whatever", into "Midnight City"-M83
0111 UTC "Pumped Up Kicks"-Foster The People
0115 UTC Comrades ID'ing tunes played..."typical unpolished edition"...more shoutouts...done with live shows ...request for MDK2....Assistant Stavin is a soda jerk"
0118 UTC "Sodajerk"-Buffalo Tom
0123 UTC Prerecorded RFW ID, into "Started Right"-Hot Chip
(Signal is a solid S9 here now!)
0128 UTC "Wasted and Ready"-Ben Kweller
0131 UTC Comrades ID'ing tunes played...."just been informed we are omnipresent tonight"...on 6925, somehow someway...a couple of MF bombs :D
0135 UTC "Help I'm Alive"-Metric
0139 UTC RFW prerecorded ID, into ?I Don't Want To Know"?-Live tune(Radiohead per comrades)
0143 UTC "Fuck You"-Lily Allen
0147 UTC Comrades joking about the last tune...relays...great to have a couple of women ;)...not good at religion... may have some Mormon listeners...didn't mean to offend anyone...
0150 UTC "Big Dumb Sex"-Soundgarden
0156 UTC Prerecorded RFW ID, into "Let It Happen"-Tame Impala
0204 UTC Prerecorded RFW ID, into "Out Of My League"-Fitz and the Tantrums
0207 UTC Comrades IDing tunes played...somebody else on 6875 relaying us there...tribute...holding up their cigarettes in the air....Dickweed gonna have to be admitted to the funny farm..."spend all my money on hookers"...
0211 UTC "Shadowplay"-Joy Division
0215 UTC "Your Decision"-Alice In Chains
0219 UTC RFW ID...."shortwave ambassadors to the world", into "Return To The Moon"-EL VY
0224 UTC Dickweed and Stavin on whether we got past the Van Allen belt to the moon....documentary on how the Chinese are going to do it first...IDing tunes played...still have some listeners...listener sent a picture of their lighter...
0227 UTC "Trying"-Bully
0232 UTC "Duel"-Swervedriver
0237 UTC "Walk In The Park"-Beach House
0241 UTC Dickweed sitting there with a box of kleenex..."he's losing it people"..."losing the bunker"...chatting about the movie "Duel"
0245 UTC "Ride The Flume"-Jello Biafra with Nomeansno
0249 UTC "Novocaine For the Soul"-Eels
0251 UTC RFW jingle, into "Wonderboy"-Tenacious D
0256 UTC "Heavy Metal"-Sammy Hagar
0300 UTC "Take Me To The River"-Talking Heads
0305 UTC Comrades chatting...email from Dr. Benway.... :D...no food left in the bunker....request from Stavin
0307 UTC "Three Little Pigs"-Green Jelly
0313 UTC RFW ID, into "Monkey Man"-The Specials
0316 UTC "Smoke another cigarette and have another shot of vodka
"Shut Your Eyes"-Snow Patrol :) Thanks for the request DJ Dickweed and Assistant Stavin! 8)
0319 UTC Comrades chatting...."popped another pirate shortwave cherry"..."no vaseline either"..."megamonster paper cut"...request for Dr. Benway
0322 UTC "Bloody Mary"-Silversun Pickups
0328 UTC Audio clip with lots of "bleeps", into "Photograph"-The Verve Pipe
0332 UTC "Wow"-Beck
0336 UTC "Into The Earth"-Bloc Party
0340 UTC Comrades chatting...ID'd tunes played..."supermegaexpealidocious show"..."definitely an endurance run"...very sad to be signing off from this location...one last song...all time favorites...
0346 UTC "Hate To Say I Told You So"-The Hives (signal dropped into the noise about half way through the song)
0350 UTC I can hear the comrades talking but can't copy...
0354 UTC Heard the email addy... dickweeddj@gmail.com
0356 UTC "Do Whatever"..still hearing the comrades at 0359 UTC....one more song I guess....can't tell what's playing though...
0403 UTC Chatting again..."I guess that's it"...
0408 UTC Talk is buried in the noise, but still going after over 3-1/2 hours!
0410 UTC "Time"-Pink Floyd
0416 UTC Chatting but no copy here...

Comrades...that was Dennis Weaver in Duel! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duel_(1971_film)

Thanks for the marathon show DJ Dickweed and Assistant Stavin! Hope we haven't heard the last of Radio Free Whatever! :)

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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2016, 0033 UTC »
S9 - discussing whats left in the bunker.

0058Z - RFW ID still sounding good. S8-S9

Still hearin ya -  0210Z Shadowplay

How about  "Trying" by Bully   (thanks Comrades!)

talking about movies and I thought of an old one...how about HEAVY METAL by Sammy Hagar

0256Z - yea now thats Rocking!

0355Z - paying tribute to the originators of RFW.

0357Z - signing off ..."So long from the bunker forever."

0359Z - wait...forgot a request by MDK2. music and signal dropped way off.

Thanks for all the shows!
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2016, 0034 UTC »
0034 S5-S7


0036 S9+20 now and better audio now as the sun sets
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2016, 0035 UTC »

0031 - Interval Signal - Soviet National Anthem
0032 - Positive ID - DJ DickWeed and Stavin saying they are operating barebones,
           hearing an echo in the bunker, equipment lacking, looking to
           fund new bunker for $10,000.00
0038 - Was looking to do a compilation show, but audience gets an ordinary show
0039 - into a song by The Whigs
0044 - song - ..."tell me that you want me"...

Thanks for the Show !!
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2016, 0037 UTC »
S5 into NYC, lots of noise and drifting.
Trying to get their music together, thanks for the signal RFW!

0108 - Signal improving to S9
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2016, 0039 UTC »
Radio Free Whatever - 6935 USB - 0039 UTC - Music - S5 with lots of noise but improving.
0043 UTC - S8 now!
0101 UTC - RFW ID - HulkSmash shout out! Thanks!

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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #6 on: June 19, 2016, 0040 UTC »
0031Z 45444 S5 Soviet national anthem
0035Z 45444 S5 DJ Dick Weed talking with Stavin. Going on about empty bunker and whatever.
0039Z 45444 S5 Music
0107Z 45444 S5 ID "This is Radio Free Whatever"
0107Z 45444 S5 More music.

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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #7 on: June 19, 2016, 0041 UTC »
0038- rock music  S8-9
0045- rock music OM vocals
0047- "Hella" Cayucas per Shazam
0053- "Kids" MGMT per Shazam
0058- Radio Free Whatever ID and said playing "hipster" music, rundown of tunes played
0101- shout outs to HFU listeners
0103- song "Sweater Weather"
0111- "Pumped Up Kicks" Foster The People
0117- mentioned this is the last broadcast from the bunker
0118- song by Buffalo Tom by request  solid S9 signal and great audio
0123- RFW ID into "Started Right" Hot Chip
0128- "Wasted and Ready" Ben Kweller
0132- DJ Dickweed and Stavin acknowledging the RFW relay on 6925 AM
0137- song "Help I'm Alive" YL vocals
0139- RFW ID
0145- "Fuck You" Lily Allen  ;D
0148- talking about having RFW relayed in the future
0151- Soundgarden tune by request
0210- song by Joy Division  signal is still S9 here comrades!
0217- song by Alice In Chains
0219- canned RFW ID and slogan of "shortwave ambassadors to the world"
0227- song by Bully per a request by Bones
0238- music and signal is S9-9+10 now
0242- Dickweed heartbroken about losing the bunker   :'(
0243- talking about the classic 1971 movie "Duel"
0246- "Ride The Flume" No Means No, thanks comrades!   8)
0251- canned RFW ID
0254- Tenacious D song
0257- "Heavy Metal" Sammy Hagar
0301- "Take Me To The River" Talking Heads
0333- song by Beck
0342- comrades saying goodbye and talking about RFW relays
0347- rock tune and signal is fading into the noise now (fitting I guess  :'( )
0351- comrades talking but signal is down deep in the noise.....

 Thanks for the show guys!  8)  I request "Ride The Flume" by No Means No https://youtu.be/vVdjz5K-t1c
 Thank you very much for all the fantastic RFW broadcasts and memories comrades!! You will be missed and your efforts are appreciated.
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2016, 0045 UTC »
They're rocking into the cornfields of Iowa tonight at an S9. Very nice signal!

BTW, the corn is almost waist high here.
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #9 on: June 19, 2016, 0049 UTC »
S9+ here at 0048z. Just a bit of t-storm static.
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #10 on: June 19, 2016, 0050 UTC »
powerhouse s8-s9 carrier, with big fades that take half the audio with it. big wide signal, pretty nice audio. just faded down to s6 at 00:48, minor QRM with some hajji sounding music. having problems discerning audio now at 00:49.
luv ya guys.

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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #11 on: June 19, 2016, 0052 UTC »
Strong signal at 00:47, with heavy static crashes due to thunderstorms. "Hella"

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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #12 on: June 19, 2016, 0100 UTC »
0100 tuning into the comrades chatting. HFU shoutouts.
0103 The Neighbourhood "Sweater Weather"
0106 RFW ID into M83 "Midnight City"
0111 Foster the People "Pumped Up Kids"
          SIO 433 in Colorado
0114 comrades back on the mic, more HFU shoutouts, talking about Soda jerks
0118 Buffalo Tom "Soda Jerk" THANKS GUYS!
0123 RFW ID into Hot Chip "Started Right"
0127 Ben Kweller "Wasted and Ready"
0131 comrades back on, Stavin won't vote for Hillary despite being paid to agree with Dickweed, string theory, etc.
0135 they said what song this is, I couldn't catch the title, now Shazam's being a pain... EDIT "Help I'm Alive" by Metric, h/t to Skipmuck
0139 RFW ID into something...
0143 Lily Allen "F**k You" (not safe for license radio, eh?)
0146 comrades back on, talking about the relay and logistics thereof.
0151 Soundgarden "Big Dumb Sex" THANKS AGAIN
0155 RFW ID
0156 Tame Impala "Let it Happen"
0200 have to turn off now and go out for ice cream with the family... Thanks for playing my requests and for sounding awesome!
0300 Back and pleasantly surprised to see the show is still on! Talking Heads "Take Me To The River"
0305 comrades on the mic
0313 Specials "Monkey Man"

Thanks for the show!

HEY COMRADES... how's about some Buffalo Tom tonight?

SECOND REQUEST, in the spirit of Lily Allen, how about Soundgarden's "Big Dumb Sex"?

Recoding from 0146:

@JoeFlips, I liked you already, but knowing you're a No Means No fan has just earned you a boatload of points with me.

0343 comrades signing off from the Bunker for the last time.  :'(

Okay, if you have time, my FINAL REQUEST will be "Box Elder" by Pavement

0411 Got a tip they were back on, tuning in to Pink Floyd "Time"
0420 sign off for reals this time
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #13 on: June 19, 2016, 0101 UTC »
Sounding great in Bama
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Re: RFW 6935 USB 0031 UTC June 20, 2016
« Reply #14 on: June 19, 2016, 0102 UTC »
Strong S7 into our Clandestine location....   Greetings Comrades Enjoying your broadcast. Thanks for the show

Kids, Sweater Weather, Midnight City, Pumped Up Kicks    Nice...

Comrades,  May I request some Tame Impala

Thank You Comrades,   Solid S9   Great show tonight.

Still have a good copy but down to S7   with Joy Division
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