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Author Topic: WI2JXP Experimental station @ 5058.5 kHz  (Read 1493 times)

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WI2JXP Experimental station @ 5058.5 kHz
« on: November 01, 2016, 0912 UTC »
I caught this beacon sounding off at around 3:30 am local time (0830 UTC).

It's on 5058.5 kHz.  It's slowly sending this in Morse code: “WI2XJP WAYLAND MA FN42HI”

WI2XJP appears to be a license for an experimental station in Wayland, Mass.  FN42hi is the grid square.

I'm afraid the FCC experimental license information doesn't really tell us much.  It's authorized on a variety frequencies, in a variety of modes, at 2 kW ERP.  Has anyone heard this, or know what the purpose of these broadcasts are?
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Re: WI2JXP Experimental station @ 5085.5 kHz
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 2146 UTC »
I was listening to this with strong signals from 2000 UTC until 2030 UTC. The CW was slow enough where I could decode it by using my cheap plastic Logitech microphone in front of the speaker and recording it in Audacity. The dots and dashes show up quite distinctly! Every 50 seconds was the following WI2XJP WAYLAND MA FN42 HI
***I have it on 5058ish...could the 5085.5 be a typo perhaps?

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