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Author Topic: Just some grievances I have.  (Read 1015 times)

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Just some grievances I have.
« on: November 02, 2016, 0127 UTC »
I haven't prepared this in thought so this will be a rough draft.

See being a Radio Pirate is my Alter Ego, I do part take in the HAM spectrum but I am only starting.

The reason why I picked up on Pirate Radio is because the Equipment is much cheaper, in fact you could even make it yourself. Same could said for HAM radio, but do you know of any DIY kits for VHF and UHF that have all sorts of PL tones included with them?

I have not been raided by the FCC, but the thought is in the back of my mind. Given my three test broadcasts I cannot help but shake the feeling that I have managed to get on someone's radar.

With the way I see it carried on with people in the HAM world, you would think that I have murdered someone.

I just cannot understand this need to have the whole Radio Electromagnetic Spectrum under so much control when everything in this day and Age is at least done at least 2.4-5 Ghz and is all digital.

Apart from the members on this forum, how many of you can find SWLs in your neighborhood?

With all this super regulation it is no surprise to me that most of the Radio Hobby is dead.

Another thing I want to point out is this idea of Free Speech in America, if I voiced an opinion over a loud speaker apart from a possible noise complaint I would be protected(but even that's questionable), but if I use Radio to voice an opinion that could reach a greater distance I would be an outlaw.

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Re: Just some grievances I have.
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2016, 1308 UTC »
as far as "pirate" broadcasting on HF in the US, there are four things that could get you on the radar of those three letters operating at their current financial budget.
1) interference of any kind to anything and to anyone.
2) operating on a frequency and within the amount of frequency spectrum that you occupy of that frequency, that is legally assigned to another entity in the US or within the range of a non-US entity.
3) operating in close range of one or more ARO's who utilize the HF spectrum.
4) excessive and constant profanity.
there are also other concerns besides the above but what i have provided are the most important ones.
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