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Author Topic: Al, have you ever heard of a fella from Pasadena named Brooks Agnew?  (Read 924 times)

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I think he's Spiro's boy, but I'm not sure? Either way he's talked Supreme Leader Putin into loaning him a dual reactor nuclear icebreaker to locate the northern entrance to the Hollow Earth and needs 100 hundred talented and able-bodied men to accompany him on the journey into the earth and out the other end. The thing will bust through 50 feet of ice, so getting there should be no trouble.

I heard him on that font of truth, "Coast to Coast AM" early this morning. I thought to myself, "This sounds like one for me and Al." I can get my jonboat where other men fear to row, while you know all the penguin dialects we'll need to trade for food once we come out the other side. When I heard "Jerry from Norfolk" call in at the end of the show, as he usually does, ranting about how it was "An affront to God and man!", I knew I had to sign us up. Agnew was stunned when I called after the show, he never expected the likes of us to join in. Your name is a door opener throughout the greater Pasadena area according to Brooks. He say's liquor stores literally have to drag you off the stoop to open. Dang Al, I knew you were modest, but a man with that kind of reputation shouldn't hide his light under a basket!

Tell that gal we're fighting over she'll just have to wait. If we don't make it back alive tell her to marry that English guy with the talking wheelchair or that walking, talking, groundhog from Santa Clara who invented all of Smolinski's computers. If we survive, we'll pick up Amelia on the way home and match nickels on who gets who.