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Author Topic: 6924.92L->u 0319z .. >0438z WLDJ 7-20-2010  (Read 1064 times)

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6924.92L->u 0319z .. >0438z WLDJ 7-20-2010
« on: July 20, 2010, 0320 UTC »
Also a carrier still present per prev post

And yes, you can still hear some of WLDJ on the upper sideband ...

This is where listening DSB/ISB is interesting; normally ISB with the WR-G303e results in WLDJ coming out the right CH spkr louder ... not it's reveresed and the left CH spkr is louder (not to mention the spectrum scope shows much more LSB than USB ATTM)

0333z Pgm continues ... peaks to S6, QRN increasing, AM carrier still present at 6924.6 or so ...

0339z WLDJ LSB the last few minutes competing with A) a carrier B) a QPSK31-like signal (too slow for RTTY, and has just a slight freq shift to it)

0345z Just to note: WLDJ's audio has become distorted; sounds like PA bias was turned down on the final PA devices (best way to describe it) also, signal considerably weaker ... 6146s or 6JS6s give up the ghost? 10V 20W Zener in the Cathode circuit cook?

0353z Carrier and QPSK31-like sig have been gone for sev min now ...

0359z Haven't heard "Fish Heads- Fish Heads - pretty little fish heads" in quite awhile ...

0412z Audio quality picked up! Much better!! Ahhh ...the B-52s ... love the gal that sings in that band ...

0417z Back to distorted ... TX engineer needs a station monitor (O-scope) to watch for flat-topping ...

0420z Oh yeah, WLDJ is now USB ... and now back to lower ... and upper!

0436z Audio has been better for some number of minutes now too ... MUCH easier to listen to!

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