Author Topic: M89 Chinese Military loggings.  (Read 527 times)


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M89 Chinese Military loggings.
« on: March 15, 2017, 1434 UTC »
They chop and change, appear and then disappear, sometimes you hear Chinese voices chatting away on the frequencies rather than the CW scheduled, all adds to the mystery:

3.777MHz  CW  1505z  V M8JF M8JF M8JF de RIS9 RIS9
4.532MHz  CW  1440z  V M8JF M8JF M8JF de RIS9 RIS9
4.609MHz  CW  1610z  V FIK3 FIK3 FIK3 de H4JH H4JH
6.840MHz  CW  1419z  VVV Q2M Q2M Q2M de NYZ NYZ QSA? K
8.940MHz  CW  1400z  VVV VYU VYU VYU de LMO LMO
10.178MHz CW  0945z  V FIK3 FIK3 FIK3 de H4JH H4JH
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